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Ios island, Greece

If you dream of a pure, quiet hideaway that feels private and invitingly serene, you will love the island’s quieter and more isolated beaches.

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32 magnificent beaches, are scattered across Ιos laced coastline; creating a unique collection of golden sand and turquoise crystal-clear water hideaways, that vary from organized and outgoing to quiet and isolated. Ios pure and beautiful beaches are legendary: Ios has regularly been voted as having one of the “Top 10 beaches in Europe” and in fact boasts 75 kilometers of beaches. The organized beaches of Ios offer the comfort of beach bars, restaurants and mini markets invitingly close to the waterfront, as well as trained watersports instructors and facilities for wind and kite surfing, scuba diving and paddle boarding. The easy-going Yialos, the popular Mylopotas and the alluring Manganari, are perfect choices for visitors who love the joyful buzz of organized beaches, without compromising the astonishing beauty of nature.

If you dream of a pure, quiet hideaway that feels private and invitingly serene, you will love the island’s quieter and more isolated beaches: the golden sand of Agia Theodoti and the wild beauty of the two Psathi beaches, will make you tune in the eternal vibe of Ios.


Impressive and picturesque, Ios Town, or Chora is invitingly close to Liostasi. A stroll inside its traditional labyrinth of narrow paths and white washed houses is a feast to the eyes, and as Cycladic as an island experience can get. Chora’ s well-known byzantine chapels and traditional thirteen windmills, co-exist harmonically with the island’s vivid night life, creating a charming fusion that is outgoing yet serene. Chora boasts some well-known Cycladic landmarks, like the church of Panagia Gremiotissa, which is wisely located at the highest point of Ios Town: a picture-perfect church, built in 1797 AD, that owes its name to its rocky location. From there, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the Town as well as the island’s landscapes. 

The open Theater Odysseas Elytis, named after the Greek Nobel Prize winning poet:  It was inaugurated in 1997 and built from marble and local stone. It has been built in accordance with the functionality and aesthetics of an ancient theatre and is amphitheatrically built, thus ensuring excellent view and acoustics in every performance.

The Yiannis Gaitis & Gabriela Simosi Museum, at close proximity to the Windmills offers constant inspiration to the Liostasi family and friends. A unique art space on its making, along with the emblematic outdoor sculptures that set the tone for the contemporary artistic feel of the island. 


The wonderful countryside of rural Ios, concentrates an inspiring number of local producers, that blend traditional techniques with contemporary ones, as they create outstanding cheeses, like Niotiko Kefalotiri, Graviera, Skotiri, Xino and Mizithra, -to name a few-, as well as dairy, wine, like the Iitis or the Rizomata etiquettes, thyme honey and meat. These quality local products, along with fresh Aegean fish and seafood, are the basis for the sophisticated simplicity of Ios gastronomy; an unpretentious kitchen that offers delicious sweet treats, such as pasteli, almond sweets, kalasounia and xerotigana, but also savory ones, like tsimetia, tomatokeftedes, revythokeftedes, tarahta.

Ios island, Greece

32 magnificent beaches, are scattered across Ιos laced coastline; creating a unique collection of golden sand and turquoise crystal-clear water hideaways.


Ios countryside as well as its exceptional coastline, are best discovered through the island’s hiking trails, that offer a glimpse of its authentic wildness. The significant island’s two-direction routes, deliver a profound connection with Ios as well as a refreshing wellness activity. Mountain routes, Chora routes, beach routes and countryside routes, mapped by the municipality of Ios are available to the island’s guests. Liostasi team of Ios experts creates a customized fusion of the finest trail samples, along with visits to private estates and local producers in order to create a holistic and authentic island experience for you. Chora and its famous landmarks, Skarkos*, Homer’s Tomb*, Palaiokastro, Manganari, are only some of the places of the Liostasi curated iconic Ios experience.


Skarkos, which is located near the port in the area of Kampos, is the oldest, largest and now most important known settlement of the procycladic world of the middle of the 3rd millennium B.C. This unique settlement was discovered in 1986. Its buildings are in such a good condition that the visitor can get an idea of the very architecture of the times. The excavation also revealed a wealth of artifacts which in combination with the architecture, give an almost complete picture of everyday life back then.

Homer’s Tomb

At the north end of the island lie the ruins of the ancient town of Plakotos, dating from the Hellenistic period, where tradition claims that poet Homer’s tomb is situated. According to Herodotus, the 'poet of poets' Homer, was buried at Plakotos. A short walk along a paved path leads to the top of a cliff, overlooking the Aegean Sea, where the tomb stands.

Boat Tours

Live the ultimate Cycladic experience, by booking a private boat tour to discover the breathtaking Ios coastline and island hop the nearby gem islands of Santorini, Koufonissia, Sikinos or Folegandros. Enjoy swimming in breathtaking beaches with limited access, have a cocktail on deck while watching an unforgettable sunset and feel the legendary salty vibes of the Aegean Sea. Liostasi team of experts can organize a customized boat tour experience that tunes in your best island mood. 

Inspired by Homer’s wine-colored sea, we created in the island of Ios a world that embraces beauty and hospitality.

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